1. There is nothing more beautiful than this: Bandelier’s Collection I is a swoon-worthy series of handcrafted jewellery pieces and accessories inspired by the American West. I now have the compulsion to dress in only in loose, monochromatic cotton and wear layer upon layer of leather necklaces. THANKFULLY, the particularly inspiring Ritual Necklace, and other pieces, are available from a collection of online stores, including mrlarkin.netshopyoungandable.commohawkgeneralstore.com.

    Visiting their blog wouldn’t be a waste of your time either. 

    (Source: theshinysquirrel, via crescionilibrary)

  2. Inspired by “a day spent on the island of North Haven…, falling in love”,  MCMC’s Maine is, in my mind, the perfect Autumnal fragrance. Bulgarian rose absolute, clary sage, Somalian myrhh and French seaweed are layered to create a fragrance that is at once both masculine and feminine, a scent reminiscent of clean skin, sea salt, and wind-battered pines. 

    Melbournians interested in sampling/purchasing Maine can visit North Carlton’s The Lab Organics. You’ll find it available in spray ($149) and roll on ($69) form. Everyone else can go straight to the source.  MCMC also make a candle in the same scent. 

  3. So, it’s roughly 2 months ‘til my birthday, and it’s around this time that I start dropping hints (read: making demands) about what I’d like (read: expect) on the day.
    Grace and James’ 80 hour burn candles will definitely be featuring on this years list. Decked out in designs produced by Australian artists,  the candles are hand poured in my home town using natural essential oils and a soy/coconut wax blend for clean burning. 
    G&J produce a concise collection of 6 scents- Coconut and Wild Lime (a staple of Australian home fragrance companies), Creamy Vanilla (always a safe bet), Floral Romance (tropical flowers with undercurrents of vanilla), Moroccan Mango and Honey ( decidedly indulgent), Pomegranate (“plenty of punch”), and Spicy Pear (woody fruit, layered with cinnamon).
    All of the above are $49.95 and available for purchase here. Alternately, if you’re happy to venture out into the real world, a myriad of stores across the country will be happy for your business!

  4. What a perfectly dreary Thursday afternoon to be reacquainted with Doug Johnston! His sunny hued Spring/Summer line is the perfect antidote to Autumnal blues. Particularly lovely (and practical) are his “limited edition” backpacks, 1 and 2- hand made in the US with pure cotton rope for flexibility and durability. $295 and $277 each, at dougjohnston.net.

    (Source: shop.dougjohnston.net)

  5. For the impending winter nights: Swim Club Bath Salts from Chicago, hand crafted with pure essential oils and pharmaceutical grade salts. Comfort ($27, above) is a heady blend of Fir Balsam and Vetiver, designed to settle the mind and repair the body. Uplift ($17, below) is Blood Orange and Grapefruit, perfect for improving mood, clearing the mind and detoxing the body. Stock up here

  6. "I live an hour away from the city and so to pass the time on the train ride in and out every day I made a game out of drawing the people on my carriage.

    It’s pretty simple, basically if the person I’m drawing changes their position, gets off the train, if they notice me, or if someone stands in front of them, then that’s where the drawing ends.”

    Kenny Pittock’s work might not qualify as being technically astounding, but his sense of irony and gentle humour make his of work endearing. If you have a Wednesday evening spare and have the good fortune of living in inner-city Melbourne, swing by ACCA before 8PM* and view a rather large collection of work from “Drawing On A Train”, titled by hand in permanent marker on the walls of the gallery. Whatever you do, just don’t touch the piano.

    Not a Melbournite? Settle back. A huge chunk of what he’s been up to recently is available to your eyes right here.

    *ACCA’s NEW14 is open and free to the public until the 18th of May.

  7. Studio Fludd 4EVA, y’all:  B2. Materia Prima MICA from the METAMORFICA necklace collection. $44 plus shipping here. Marl is also preeeeeetty nice.

  8. Respite for the fragrance-jaded- Goest Perfumes roll on oils in the following, signature scents:

    Silent Films- heady lavender, mint, vanilla, earth, leather, musk and tobacco combine to make something ”dark, cool, and narcotic,”

    a “sublime greenspace” is a blend of petitgrain, neroli, orange, bergamot, patchouli, hay absolute, rose, crushed herbs, cedarwood and lavender.

    Grand Tour- cedarwood, oakmoss, lemon, bigarade, musk, lime, orange, tangerine, jasmine, and honeysuckle form a ode to bygone mens fragrances.

    a bottomless scent of Patchouli, Chocolate, Vanilla, Soil, Smoke, Dirt, is more “anti-perfume” than anything else, designed entirely to enhance ones own scent, rather than masking it.

    Lartigue- a bright, airy scent comprised of lemon, orange, bergamot, bigarade, jasmine, peach, fruit, patchouli, cedar and musk.
    It “celebrates all in life that is liberated, enthusiastic, and on-the-spot.”

    Dauphine- inspired by Sofia Coppola’s redolent Marie Antoinette, Dauphine is all roses, carnations, white musk, and sweet almond, like
    ”fresh, cream-filled, rosewater-scented pastries.”

    Jaqueline Steele, the nose behind Goest, has (since the line’s inception in 2010) endeavoured to create “distinctive, naturalist fragrances that shorthand important experiences and figures.”

    The oils are $48 a pop plus shipping, and are made to order. Available here.

  9. Breath-taking examples of Monika Sosnowska’s flare for implausible, frustrated design, part of the Regional Modernities exhibition, curated by Charlotte Day, currently on view at Melbourne’s ACCA. Entirely deserving of your Friday afternoon, or any afternoon from here on in until the 29th of September. 

    (Source: accaonline.org.au)

  10. Current cleansing obsession: Konjac Sponges- a 100% natural, sustainable alternative to SLS laden cleansers and harsh exfoliants. Developed from vegetable fibre, the naturally alkaline sponges absorb oil and impurities while stimulating blood flow and cell turnover without damaging the skin. Australian friends, they’re yours for $12.95 plus shipping from HERE. Everyone else, visit konjacspongecompany.com.

  11. Happy Monday: Works from Laura Jones’ 2013 portfolio- Cherry Dell Flowers, Robertson Camellias, Dancing Lady Orchid Arangement. More here.

  12. For those of you that object to the poly-cotton disaster that is basic underwear in Australia, but refuse to go without (please, don’t go without)- a smattering of Nico Underwear’s most recent line, In Your Dreams. Particularly lovely are the Sally and Susie bras in white and grey marle- $60 a pop- best paired with either the high waist Jody briefs, or bikini cut Susie brief, both $30 each. 

    Nico, aside from pumping out exceptionally cute underwear, was the first Australian made, Australian owned intimates line to achieve accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia. Consider this your guilt free, sustainable alternative to the frightening experience that is Cotton On Body. 

  13. If you had the good fortune of being a Melbournite today, you’re probably hopped up on vitamin D, thoughts of impending Springtime and all the wonderful things that come with- bare shoulders, cotton sundresses, sun-kissed cheeks. If you’re like me, and are completely unwilling to surrender those good feelings just yet, throw The Beach Boys on the turntable and start working on your summer skin.

    Things you’ll need to invest in: Iris Hantverk’s round bath brush* ($62 here), and Sans Ceuticals’s Activator 7 Body Oil** ($49.95 here)

    How to do it: Using gentle sweeping strokes in a circular motion, start at the feet, always moving towards the heart. When you’ve finished with your lower half, take to your arms, starting at the finger tips, all the way up to the shoulders. Follow with your back (you may require some assistance here) and finish with your stomach and chest. Aside from being the gentlest way to exfoliate the body,  dry brushing has the added benefit of  stimulating circulation as well as moving lymph fluid in the body to promote detoxification. Shower post dry brushing to wash away dead skin cells.

    Any form of cleansing should be followed with hydration. I’m mad keen on oils at the moment as they’re the simplest way to hydrate the skin without overloading the pores. Sans Ceuticals’ Activator 7 Body Oil, rich in vitamins A and E, as well as being a source of essential fatty acids, will increase collagen production, support skin density and improve elasticity. Best applied to a damp skin when the pores are open and most responsive. 


    *Alternatively, bodecare or any other brand committed to using completely natural components will do just fine.
    **Pure jojoba, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil will all make wonderful and inexpensive alternatives. 

    (Source: refinery29.com)

  14. UPDATE: for those Australians who have eyed but not tried HERBIVORE BOTANICALS, Christmas will be your time! The Lab Perfumery in Melbourne’s north will be stocking a selection of their salts, soaks, lip and sun care products both in store and online throughout the festive season. Another reason to love the holidays! 

  15. Current olfactory obsession: Vanilla Marble by Nordic fragrance house AGONIST-a 100% natural fragrance designed to evoke childhood memories of birthday cake and happiness. Prominent perfumers working under the instruction of  Christine Gustafsson and Niclas Lydeen have layered Vanilla Infusion, Persian Almond, Tiare Flower, Tropical Orchid, White Fig, Oriental Amber, Indonesian Patchouli, Australian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, Siam Benzoin, and  Tonka Bean to create the most sophisticated of gourmand scents. Melbournian sweet tooths, get your hands on Vanilla marble at $220 a pop HERE. Everyone else, visit  agonistparfums.com to get your fix.